Monday, December 3, 2007

FL-10: Bill Young is "An Outright Hog"

Well now we know that there is at least one thing Republican crumb-bum C.W. "Bill" Young is good at: wasteful earmarking and spending.

Republican hypocrisy well at work.

From The Hill:

Senior Republican appropriators in the Senate have collected more money in earmarks than any other members of Congress, even though President Bush and GOP leaders have forcefully criticized “pork-barrel spending.”

Not only have these lawmakers defied their leaders, they have also taken a much greater share of the pot set aside for rank-and-file Republicans than have senior Democrats. As a result, some on the Hill are grumbling privately that GOP appropriators are “not only the kings of pork, they’re outright hogs,” in the words of one Senate Republican aide.


Rep. Bill Young (Fla.), the ranking Republican on the Appropriations Defense Subcommittee, is the second-biggest recipient of earmarked funds in the House, securing $161 million.


Young said that senior Defense Department officials come to him with requests for the military at large because he is the former chairman of the Appropriations Defense Subcommittee and the panel’s current ranking member.

Wow, who knew it could be so fun to be a Congressman.

Oh yeah and this comes from the same Bill Young who was one of only twelve US House members to vote against compensation for family members who lost their loved ones in a US Embassy bombing. That's right, only twelve Congressional representatives voted against it and Bill Young was one of them. Mind you, this is a D+1 district.

Rep. Bill Young: Good at wasteful spending for defense lobbyists, bad for everyone else.