Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bill Young's "Money Pit" Springs a Leak

From FDP:

Congressman Bill Young should be more careful with what he puts his name on. The Bill Young Reservoir, named for the Congressman, now needs a $125 million patch job. The Bill Young Reservoir project, which was once advertised as a solution for the water issues in the area, was recently described by the local Fox station in Tampa Bay as being "more widely regarded as a money pit".

"The Bill Young Reservoir has become a 'money pit' already expected to cost taxpayers an additional $125 million to fix," said Eric Jotkoff, Florida Democratic Party spokesman. "The people of Florida's 10th Congressional District deserve a leader in Congress who will work against government waste not Congressman Bill Young who builds monuments to his own outsized ego."


The Bill Young Reservoir requires a $125 million patch job and KPMG consulting has been hired to be paid as much as $908,500 to help find the "best fix at the best price". [MyFox Tampa Bay, 10/19/09]

The consulting proposal from KPMG according to Tampa Bay City Councilman Charlie Miranda includes a $125 an hour charge for an administrative assistant. [MyFox Tampa Bay, 10/19/09]

MyFox Tampa Bay reports that the project was once touted as a solution for the water problems in the area, but is now "more widely regarded as a money pit." [MyFox Tampa Bay, 10/19/09]

The C.W. Bill Young Reservoir was completed in 2005 and named for the Congressman, he attended a ribbon cutting ceremony in October of 2005. [Water Matters Magazine, NovDec 2005]

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